• Episode 47 – Christina Unkel, Attorney, FIFA Referee, and Women’s Sports Museum BOD

    Christina Unkel, FIFA Referee, Women’s Sports Museum Board Member, Attorney

    Christina Unkel

    This week’s episode is with Christina Unkel, one of three American female FIFA referees. Christina began refereeing at the age of 10. She worked her way up the ranks (once she realized that there were ranks to climb) and now has a FIFA badge. You can find her traveling across the world to referee elite women’s soccer matches. Oh… and her day job is as an attorney. Not only that, but Christina has two other businesses that she has started and manages. Plus, she is on the board of directors for the Women’s Sports Museum. We talk about all of that! In addition, Bobbi-Sue mentions a few events she’ll be attending in the next few weeks. Keep sending us those ideas for our 50th episode!!

    This episode is brought to you by the Sports MBA program at San Diego State University. Students arrive on campus every January for three consecutive semesters, taking classes in the spring, summer, and fall, followed by a six-month on-site consultancy with a sports organization for the final term. Each year, SDSU Sports MBA accepts only 20 to 25 students from around the globe for an intensive, rigorous year of building an analytical MBA toolkit while studying the complexities of the sports business industry. The program’s location in Southern California gives students access to a wide variety of opportunities from pro and college sports to apparel and lifestyle companies. Applications are now being accepted through November 1st for a January 2019 start. To start an application or learn more, visit SDSU.edu/sportsMBA.

    Christina Unkel on the pitch

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  • Episode 46 – Dr. Caroline Silby, Sports Psychologist

    Dr. Caroline Silby, Sports Psychologist

    Dr. Caroline Silby

    So… Our 50th episode is rapidly approaching. Can you believe it?! FIFTY. I want to do a few things to celebrate. First is to get to 100 ratings/reviews – can you all do that for me? We’re in the forties right now. Pretty please? It seriously helps move us along in the algorithms and helps people discover us.

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    Oh and in other fun news… we are officially a media sponsor for the 3rd Annual Women’s Sports Museum gala. As mentioned last week, this museum is in the planning stages. I think they’ll have some very exciting announcements in the next few months. For now, the gala is their big fundraiser. It’s in Sarasota on October 19th – so if you’re in the Tampa/Sarasota area – buy a table or ticket – or become a sponsor of the gala. I will be there. Along with some other fabulous women. This is really a cool venture. There is no women’s sports museum in the country. Check them out at womenssportsmuseum.org. You can donate, buy tickets to the gala, donate items/experiences for the raffle, or become a sponsor. And, if you’re planning on attending, Let me know! I would love to meet y’all.

    Now… this week’s guest is Dr. Caroline Silby, a sports psychologist.  She is a nationally recognized expert on the development of young female athletes, author of Games Girls Play: Understanding and Guiding Young Female Athletes,  and Adjunct Faculty Member at American University. Dr. Silby has worked on an individual basis with two Olympic Gold Medalists, ten Olympians, three World Champions, eleven National Champions, and over fifty National Competitors.

    We have a great conversation that ranges from her experience as an elite athlete, deciding to get into a field that was relatively unknown and had almost no women, writing a book, systemic changes that are needed to protect athletes, and the difference between what she does and what a therapist does.

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  • Episode 45 – Jenna Byrnes, SVP of the Oklahoma City Dodgers

    Jenna Byrnes, SVP, Oklahoma City Dodgers

    Jenna Byrnes

    This episode starts with Bobbi-Sue talking about the launch of the Tampa Bay chapter of WISE.


    Jenna Byrnes is the Sr. Vice President of the Oklahoma City Dodgers, the triple-A affiliate for the Los Angeles Dodgers. She started off at the Frisco RoughRiders. In both organizations, she has worked her way up the ladder. When she moved over to the Dodgers, she had to create a new sales team from scratch. She had an entire team starting all on the same day. She is known for developing her staff and building a culture of growth, both personally and professionally for her team.


    Big thanks to San Diego State University’s Sports MBA program for sponsoring this episode!


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  • Episode 44 – Kathy Burrows, CEO of Sold Out Seating

    Kathy Burrows, CEO of Sold Out Seating

    Kathy Burrows

    This week’s episode starts with Bobbi-Sue talking about the debacle at the US Open’s ladies finals and how mad she is about it. We move quickly to reminding everyone about the MLB PLayer’s Trust’s Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies. Go to Playerstrust.org to apply.

    Our guest this week is Kathy Burrows, CEO (“Chief Energy Officer”) at Sold Out Seating. Kathy began her career as a nurse and quickly realized that wasn’t her true calling. By participating in a volunteer sales club with the Cleveland Indians, she realized she was good at selling. However, she wanted to sell differently than others. She was very creative and saw how many opportunities were being missed by doing the old “dialing for dollars.” 

    She left her role with the team to start her own consulting company. It started as a way to help people learn how to sell. Over the years, however, she has created a name for herself as one of the best sales team developers/trainers. She goes into teams and helps them truly asses their sales staff and how to best engage them. She then works with individuals to develop as total professionals. Kathy is also known for overall leadership team training and development. 

    The conversation is more nuts and bolts than usual. Kathy talks about how to find the right fit for a job, how sales techniques need to evolve, and ways that organizations can keep great employees from leaving the industry.  

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  • Episode 43 – Melissa Ludtke, Pioneering Baseball Journalist

    News article on Melissa Ludtke and Jane Gross in 1978

    Melissa Ludtke

    Happy September! I always feel fresh and new, optimistic about the future at the beginning of the school year.

    Law School or Grad Students: Here’s something for you. If you are interested in labor law or studies, check out the Players’ Trust 2019 Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies. Up to 5 awards of $10,000 each!! Deadline is November 12, 2018. You can find more info at Playerstrust.org.

    We are coming up on the 40th anniversary of the landmark victory of Ludkte v. Kuhn, as commissioner of MLB. Melissa Ludtke, at the time a 20-something sports reporter for Sports Illustrated, was barred from entering the Yankees clubhouse while on assignment during the world series. MLB policies banned women from locker rooms at the time.

    Ludtke’s suit was about equal access. And the judge saw it that way. She moved on from sports a few years later and focused on societal issues of women and children.

    She is an author, filmmaker and award-winning journalist. She’s reported for Sports Illustrated, CBS News, and Time Magazine. Melissa won the Front Page Award from the Newswomen’s Club of New York, the Mary Garber Pioneer Award from the Association of Women in Sports Media, and the Yankee Quill Award for Lifetime Achievement, citing her distinguished history of fighting for equal opportunities for women sportswriters.

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  • Episode 034- Nancy Hogshead-Makar, CEO of Champion Women

    Nancy Hogshead-Makar

    Content Warning: This episode contains a discussion of sexual assault and child molestation. There is no detail provided, however, I wanted to let you all know beforehand.

    Nancy Hogshead-Makar is an Olympic gold medalist, attorney, CEO, women’s advocate, and changemaker. During the 1984 summer Olympics, she brought home 3 gold medals and one silver medal. She has truly made her mark, however, in her advocacy for girls and women in sport. Her career began as an intern at the Women’s Sports Foundation. She worked at a large law firm advocating for women’s rights to equal opportunity in sport in higher education (Title IX). A lover of education, she was a professor at Florida Coastal School of Law for 12 years, before she returned to WSF to be their Senior Director of Policy. Today she is the CEO of Champion Women, focusing on advocacy for women and girls in sport. Nancy was the driving force behind the creation of the US Center for SafeSport and the SafeSport Act. To say she is a badass would be an understatement. She speaks with Bobbi-Sue and gives a lesson on all things related to keeping children in sport safe and why the Olympic movement needs reform.

    Thank you to Florida International University for being a sponsor of the pod!

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  • Episode 032- Margaret Schlachter, Obstacle Course Race Expert

    Margaret Schlachter

    Margaret Schlachter is a bit of a renaissance woman. She was one of the first women on the scene of obstacle course racing. After 10 years in education and coaching, Margaret found herself at a crossroads. She discovered OCR (Spartan Race, to be exact), began a website to document her training for World’s Toughest Mudder and became one of the top professional athletes in the sport. Margaret’s website, Dirt In Your Skirt, became the premier destination for all things OCR and was the impetus for her book, which is being re-released in September and is currently available for pre-order. Her career took some interesting turns and is ever-changing. These days she has a podcast, Dirt In The Skirt the Podcast, is often a contributor and writer for Outside Magazine, Trail Running Magazine, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, The Huffington Post, Associated Press, and many more. In addition, she focuses a lot of time as a media consultant/director for various entities. This conversation is chock full of wisdom for anyone who wants to take the path less traveled.

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  • Episode 024 – Kathleen Scovel, KAS Group

    Kathleen Scovel

    This week Bobbi-Sue chats with Kathleen Scovel, the principle at KAS Group. Kathleen has been in the advertising and marketing world for 20 years. She started off, though, in music video and commercial production. Casually, she mentions working with Prince. What!? After that, she was off to the races with advertising and experiential marketing. She has worked with all of the everyday brands we all love and sports properties. One thing that Kathleen is heavily involved with at the moment is the #SeeHer movement. She discusses what this movement in the advertising world is all about and how it will impact young girls all over the world.

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