• Episode 034- Nancy Hogshead-Makar, CEO of Champion Women

    Nancy Hogshead-Makar

    Content Warning: This episode contains a discussion of sexual assault and child molestation. There is no detail provided, however, I wanted to let you all know beforehand.

    Nancy Hogshead-Makar is an Olympic gold medalist, attorney, CEO, women’s advocate, and changemaker. During the 1984 summer Olympics, she brought home 3 gold medals and one silver medal. She has truly made her mark, however, in her advocacy for girls and women in sport. Her career began as an intern at the Women’s Sports Foundation. She worked at a large law firm advocating for women’s rights to equal opportunity in sport in higher education (Title IX). A lover of education, she was a professor at Florida Coastal School of Law for 12 years, before she returned to WSF to be their Senior Director of Policy. Today she is the CEO of Champion Women, focusing on advocacy for women and girls in sport. Nancy was the driving force behind the creation of the US Center for SafeSport and the SafeSport Act. To say she is a badass would be an understatement. She speaks with Bobbi-Sue and gives a lesson on all things related to keeping children in sport safe and why the Olympic movement needs reform.

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  • Episode 030 – Morgan McCaul, Nassar Survivor

    Morgan McCaul

    Morgan McCaul is so much more than just a “Nassar Survivor.” She is a dancer, student, advocate, organizer, sadly allergic to cats, friend, daughter, girlfriend, teacher, intern, changemaker. At almost 20 years old, she has experienced more than I wish upon anyone. Imagine your first year of college. What were you doing? Morgan has been fighting for justice in court, and for change at Michigan State University and in the Michigan legislature. Morgan is one of over 300 “sister survivors” of Larry Nassar‘s abuse and the systemic failure of the sports industry – at the junior, collegiate, and national levels – to protect athletes against sexual abuse and predation. She shares her experience and the ways that we can help in this week’s episode.

    This episode does contain descriptions of and references to child sexual abuse and molestation.  While I hope that everyone listens, as her story and the stories of the other 300 should be heard, I recognize this may be tough for some of you. Please do what you need to for your own self-care. Know that there are resources available through RAINN.org and the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673.

    The notes below are sparse because the interview is a must-listen. However, there are lots of articles and videos below for further information. The audio gets a little weird at times because Ms. Morgan is located in the hinterlands of Michigan and her internet was spotty. It’s not frequent but does happen from time to time.

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