Episode 44 – Kathy Burrows, CEO of Sold Out Seating

Kathy Burrows, CEO of Sold Out Seating

Kathy Burrows

This week’s episode starts with Bobbi-Sue talking about the debacle at the US Open’s ladies finals and how mad she is about it. We move quickly to reminding everyone about the MLB PLayer’s Trust’s Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies. Go to Playerstrust.org to apply.

Our guest this week is Kathy Burrows, CEO (“Chief Energy Officer”) at Sold Out Seating. Kathy began her career as a nurse and quickly realized that wasn’t her true calling. By participating in a volunteer sales club with the Cleveland Indians, she realized she was good at selling. However, she wanted to sell differently than others. She was very creative and saw how many opportunities were being missed by doing the old “dialing for dollars.” 

She left her role with the team to start her own consulting company. It started as a way to help people learn how to sell. Over the years, however, she has created a name for herself as one of the best sales team developers/trainers. She goes into teams and helps them truly asses their sales staff and how to best engage them. She then works with individuals to develop as total professionals. Kathy is also known for overall leadership team training and development. 

The conversation is more nuts and bolts than usual. Kathy talks about how to find the right fit for a job, how sales techniques need to evolve, and ways that organizations can keep great employees from leaving the industry.  

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