Episode 41 – Jean Afterman, Assistant General Manager of the New York Yankees

Jean Afterman, Assistant GM of the New York Yankees

Jean Afterman

Jean Afterman is one of the most powerful women in baseball. As only the third woman assistant general manager in the big leagues, Jean is a force. She did not come into this role through a traditional path. She was a history of art major at Cal Berkley, had an acting career, and found a loophole to bring Japanese baseball players to the US. All before becoming the assistant gm of the Yankees! She is long rumored to eventually become the first woman in a GM role in MLB. But… if you ask her, she doesn’t want that gig. This is such a great interview with a legend in our industry!!

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Additional Show Notes:

Quotable moments:

  • “You need either active mentors or people that you can emulate.”
  • “Judges were just much more comfortable with nice, married, lady lawyers.”
  • “You need role models in everything you do.”
  • “You can’t be isolated in your work, particularly in this business.”
  • “Dress to play the part each day.”
  • “We didn’t spring fully formed out of the foam as women working in sports.”
  • “Memo to everybody: champagne does not come out of clothing.”
  • “Waterproof mascara is not waterproof if you’re doused in champagne.”
  • “When you dress for the role, you have to anticipate a champagne shower after the game.”
  • “Our minds spend sleep deleting files.”

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