Episode 024 – Kathleen Scovel, KAS Group

Kathleen Scovel

This week Bobbi-Sue chats with Kathleen Scovel, the principle at KAS Group. Kathleen has been in the advertising and marketing world for 20 years. She started off, though, in music video and commercial production. Casually, she mentions working with Prince. What!? After that, she was off to the races with advertising and experiential marketing. She has worked with all of the everyday brands we all love and sports properties. One thing that Kathleen is heavily involved with at the moment is the #SeeHer movement. She discusses what this movement in the advertising world is all about and how it will impact young girls all over the world.

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Additional Show Notes:
  • Kathleen was the only girl in the neighborhood so if she wanted to play with neighbors, it had to be sports.
  • She ran cross country and track. The women discuss their current state of non-running…. and goat yoga.
  • Kathleen went to the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and did an “exchange” with the University of Hawaii. There she focused on hotel and hospitality management.
  • Her first internship was with an ABC affiliate – she interned on the show “Good Company.” This is where she decided that she wanted to focus on advertising and marketing.
  • Internship gross story: find “cow pies”
  • She has a large production background with music videos and commercials. Propped, wardrobed, styling, casting, and then became a producer.
  • She produced for PRINCE! She tells us about being a line producer.
  • For the European version of one of his videos, she needed to find women who would go topless. Kathleen made sure that everyone understood that they could scream her name if they felt uncomfortable and she would stop everything.
  • Kathleen was part of a documentary on the BBC about Prince. We are searching for the footage.
  • She moved over from production to representing artists, creative directors, photographers, etc. to advertising agencies.
  • Due to her tenacity and ability to build relationships, Kathleen was able to get into the sports world. She ended up working at GMR Works – the advertising agency that spun off of GM.
  • At GMR Works, they did a lot of experiential marketing which Kathleen explains using “Loads of Love” as an example. Bobbi-Sue gives the example of the booths at a race expo.
  • Kathleen continued the experiential marketing and event activation with a Hispanic agency which worked with MLS.
  • Kathleen has been working for herself on and off for 20 years. Being vulnerable and asking for help is a necessity.
  • The women discuss mentorship from both angles and being open to feedback.
  • Kathleen’s mom was always doing something and making her own money. It gave Kathleen the confidence to do her own thing.
  • Why is it that women are still not in the room? Bobbi-Sue brings up the recent Bumble incident and shares a pretty obvious rule: Don’t use the Holocaust in your marketing efforts. Ever.
  • #SeeHer is a movement that Kathleen has become heavily involved with. The goal of the movement is to ensure diverse and realistic, positive depictions of women in media. The movement also shifts advertising dollars from programming that doesn’t do this to programming that does.
  • Bobbi-Sue wants to know how advertisers and marketers can change the landscape with women’s sports. In particular, how there can be a shift in women’s sports being broadcast. She would love to see more men’s teams partner with women’s teams and help support.
  • The end of this recording has some background noise as Zoey decides to play in the litter box.

Quotable moments:

  • “It’s funny because I see it as unassuming because it was so long ago” – re: working with Prince
  • “You can do anything you want. You can empower yourselves.”
  • “Prince was like that, he would always do things outside the box and think outside the box.”
  • “Back in the day, I had the golden key to all of his music.”
  • “The one thing he would demand was excellence.”
  • “I had no fear at all to have my own business.”
  • “Having your own business, there are some really great things about it and some not really great things.”
  • “You’ve got to make sure you have the right mentors and the right team that you can go to.”
  • “You are us because you’re lovely.”
  • “If you can’t see her, you can’t be her.”
  • ‘Sport companies, they know that you need to brand someone by the age of 5. And they will be part of your team for the rest of their lives.”

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