Episode 007 – Rashida Gayle, Director of Talent Marketing for TLA Worldwide

Rashida Gayle

Rashida Gayle is the Director of Talent Marketing for TLA Worldwide.  Previously, she was with the RG Management agency as Director of Marketing, Client Services. She is an FSU alum with degrees in women’s studies and political science. Rashida counts Devonta Freeman as one of her clients.

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Additional Show Notes:
  • Rashida started off as “water girl” for her high school football team.
  • At FSU she majored in women’s studies and political science.
  • She initially thought she was going to be a gynecologist. She wanted to work with really young pregnant women. When she was about halfway through her biology degree, she switched.
  • Her first internships were with the FSU athletic department and IMG College.
  • In her final year with IMG College she decided she wanted to work with athletes but not as an agent. She asked a friend who was a running back and leaving FSU if she could be his assistant.
  • After she moved to Atlanta and started her own company, Devonta Freeman asked her to be his assistant and then turned into his marketing agent.
  • Difference between agent and marketing agent:
    • NFL agents are required to have a grad or law degree
    • Anything to do with money on the field is agent
    • Marketing agents are money off the field and not always the same company
    • Agents will share their clients if the marketing agent stays in their lane
    • Marketing agent will pitch the guys to companies for endorsements
    • Skill positions are easier to market – good character and good city are also important factors
  • Rashida discusses the difficulty in marketing football players because of the helmets. Someone like Von Miller does well because of his style.
  • Bobbi-Sue and Rashida discuss Usain Bolt and his final race, Bobbi-Sue’s weird habit of watching marathons on TV.
  • The women discuss the challenges of the industry and personal growth, mentors, and learning not to be reactive.
  • Some favorite things of Rashida’s: Higgins and Burke tea, “Why Men Love Bitches.”

Quotable moments:

  • “You don’t want to ride on one athlete, you want to ride on your hard work.”

Extra Credit Reading/Watching:

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